Michael Winther Says Hello !

Welcome to Michael Winther´s playground !

Michael Winther is a Danish musician, songwriter and producer.

Music is a passion and for Michael it´s simply about sharing the art of music with others and telling stories wrapped into music.

In his professional life he is working as financial and strategic business advisor to a wide range of companies, business owners and leaders – on both national and international level. This is his main professional priority.

However since childhood Michael has been playing music. He plays many instruments. During the years the guitar became Michael´s “main weapon”, and as a guitarist he has played with many different bands/artists.

Still most leisure time is spent playing music. Music is his oasis.

MW released his first solo EP “To The Stars” in 2010 – and in the beginning of 2013 his debut album “Orange in the Blue” was released.

Feel free – to feel the freedom in this music – yourself !