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  • RIP David Bowie – a great inspiration who will be missed ! / MW
  • Featuring “” …
  • Participating in the US based “Global Rock Star” competetion …
  • On the next episode of Cut N´Dry TV ….
  • On the Deuce Show broadcasted on several radio stations world wide …
  • 1h live interview with Robin Cox on Danish radio today …
  • Take a look at the new album info, lyrics, musicians, credits etc. (Store/Discography)
  • “Inside Yourself” is going outside – reaching more than 100,000 views on Youtube in just a few weeks …
  • “Inside Yourself” now air playing on radio stations in UK, USA, Italy, Australia, Slovenia, Spain and New Zealand
  • Behind the scenes: we actually had quite fun making the video “Love Joy & Pain” ….take a look behind the scenes at the Facebook blog
  • The music video “Inside Yourself” rounding more than 50,000 views on Youtube in 2 weeks – thanks to you all out there !!
  • New music video released: “Love Joy & Pain”
  • New EP out: “Love Joy & Pain” – download it from iTunes, Spotify etc.
  • Rounding more than 200,000 followers on social medias and blogs – feel free to join the blog
  • New EP “Love Joy & Pain” to be released 1st June 2015
  • New single “Inside Yourself” out – now in rotation on several UK radio stations
  • Live Tour – to be announced

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